About Us


At GEOHAKO Company, our primary concern is to meet the consumers’ needs, by packing the favorite products Carnation Spices & Herbs, Carnation Food and FINO Teas locally and having a large distribution network.

Since 1972, we serve the needs of thousands of consumers in Cyprus, packaging and distributing a unique portfolio of quality products: Spices, Herbs, Decoctions, Teas, Confectionery, Food Additives, Legumes, Rice, Soups, Stock and Bird Food.

For 49 years, our products provide daily the most delicious, spicy but also sweet moments to thousands Cypriots. The cooperation and love of our people, our employees and our suppliers contribute significantly to achieve this goal since they always do their best with passion, love and hard work.

At GEOHAKO Company, we share a vision; to always focus on our consumers and customers, offering them a wide range of products at an affordable price. This approach reflects who we are, but also the way we work.


GEOHAKO Company has been run for 4 decades in Cyprus. Its name is probably associated with the most well-known spice brand in Cyprus, Carnation Spices.


Our story begins when the founder of our company, George Charalambous, decided to establish a stationery business. The production of stationery was our main activity. Our first customers were hotels and restaurants owners.


This changed when the GEOHAKO Company began the import, packaging and distribution of spices, herbs, legumes and rice in 1980, under the company name Carnation Spices and Carnation Food.


The GEOHAKO company has been passed down from one generation to the next. When the son of the founder Pambos Charalambous took control of the company and undertook to expand the company even more, by expanding the sales and distribution network.


The range of the company’s products is enriched, as Soups and Broths were packed in large packages, and were mainly available in restaurants and hotels.


The favorite Greek FINO Teas were introduced and launched in the Cypriot market in individual packaging of 10 envelopes.


GEOHAKO Company transferred its facilities from the Acropolis, Nicosia to the Industrial Area of Latsia.


The Geohako company celebrated 40 years in the Cypriot market and continued satisfying its customers and consumers to the fullest.


Nowadays, the GEOHAKO company, bearing in mind the needs of consumers, has over 250 products in more than 3.000 selling points throughout Cyprus.